Hiking and Walking in Switzerland

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Join me in Wengen, Switzerland, one of the original hiking centers in the Swiss alps, conveniently located to access many stunning areas for hiking and walking via trails, cable cars and trains, within 30 minutes of the city of Interlaken. We use trains and cable cars to take us to pristine hiking areas without spending hours hiking to upper levels. The walks and hikes are generally moderately difficult paths are mostly wide and easy walking or hiking though at times there may be shorter, more challenging terrain.

You must be in good walking shape to do this tour. Please call and discuss with me if you have any concerns about your fitness level. We often walk/hike for a liesurely 4 hours or more a day, stopping for breaks, picnics, pubs or to take pictures.

We will stay at Hotel Silberhorn, located just a short walk from the Wengen train station, on the main street of this quaint Alpine village. All of our rooms will have south facing balconies so you can view the fabulous Jungfrau,Eiger and Monch peaks from your bedroom.

The Hotel Silberhorn has recently completed a fabulous new spa which you can use every day. Check out the hotel and the new spa here.

During our 2013 Tour we will hike panoramic trails in the alps in the surrounding area, take the historic Schynige Platte railway to visit the Alpine Gardens, climb inside the Trummelbach Falls on our Lauterbrunnen Valley walk, explore and shop in Interlaken and along the river to Old City, hike along the beautiful aquamarine lake known as the Thunersee and the visit the Beatus Caves.

We’ll enjoy lavish breakfasts and dinners at our hotel, plus a fun wine and pizza night in town town and a Swiss Specialty Dinner.

In late June the Alps will be carpeted with wildflowers. Temperatures will be perfect for walking, hiking, dining at mountaintop cafes and enjoying the fantastic views.

This is a trip of a lifetime. Everyone is captivated by Switzerland — its majesty, it’s pristine beauty and it’s picturesque houses and countryside. Come to the land of Heidi!

Price $2045.00 per person, single or double occupancy.

This includes: Group Round trip van and luggage carrier from Zurich Airport, 7 nights at the host hotel, including taxes and gratuities, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 2 box lunches, Jungfraubahnen pass which allows train travel throughout the area plus any additional transportation costs incurred while hiking with the group, plus 50 percent off the Jungfraujoch excursion, entrance fees, Swiss Tour guide, plus morning yoga with Maggie

To reserve your space send a $300 deposit to Walk for All Seasons, 670 Cider Press Road, Easton PA 18042. Fill out the online registration form and submit, naming Wengen as your tour.

A minium of 10 guests are needed. Limit is 16. Full payment due July 1 2018.
Airfare is not included. You may travel on your own or with Maggie from Newark Airport. We would be departing on the 15th, early evening, arriving in Switzerland the morning of the 16th Ask for details. You are welcome to meet us at the hotel or at Zurich airport to take advantage of our pick up van.

Annual Walking Retreat – French Lick Hotel

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Join us in the Hoosier National Forest at the recently renovated National Historic Landmark Hotel, the French Lick. The opulence of the French Lick Hotel and its sister property, the West Baden Springs Hotel, provide a glamorous backdrop for 5 days of walking, hiking and history during the peak leaf season.

Our week begins with a reception in the gilded upstairs lobby and a hearty Hoosier buffet followed by historical story telling by French Lick/West Baden museum director, Lin Waggner. Then we’ll take an evening stroll to the Museum.

The next day, we’ll get a history and architectual tour of French Lick Hotel, walk a 1/2 mile to “the Mansion” for lunch and then on to the West Baden, a National Engineering Landmark, to learn about the vast dome structure, magnificent one of kind lobby and its 150 year history as a spa and health retreat center.

That evening we’ll ride to Wilstem Guest Ranch for a western-style barbecue, a hayride and some blue grass style entertainment.

On Tuesday, take some private time to play golf, tennis, horseback ride or swim, or join Maggie for a hike on the Buffalo Trace trail. In the afternoon, we’ll depart for Spring Mill State Park to meet with local volksmarchers for a 2 hour hike that includes the pioneer village, staffed with demonstrating trademen and artisans. This woodsy walk ranks in the national volksmarch associations Top 10 Walks in the country. We’ll end with a buffet dinner at the historic Spring Mill Inn, enjoying dessert that includes ground corn from their working water-powered grist mill.

On Wednesday we’ll explore 5 miles of hiking trails around Patoka Lake, one of the country’s cleanest lakes, ending with a two hour sunset boat ride and dinner buffet.

Hold your horses, that’s not all. On Thursday we’ll drive to Louisville Kentucky to enjoy a behind the scenes walking tour of Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. You’ll get a ground level view of the race from a theater in the round and walk among the seats on Millionaire’s Row. We’ll have lunch in the Derby Cafe before moving on to the Louisville Slugger Museum where you can see the iconic wooden bats beeing made. After a walk along the Louisville riverfront promenade, we’ll return to French Lick for our farewell dinner and some music with a local flare.


Tour Price: $1420 pp based on double occupancy. Singles price $1820. This includes hotel and taxes, 5 dinners, 2 lunches, 5 breakfasts, all transport while on the tour, all museum and guide fees, hayride and musical entertainment. To register,Fill out the online registration form and send a $300 deposit per person, along with a signed liability waiver to Maggie Spilner/670 Cider Press Road, Easton, PA 18042. Final payment is due no later than August 1, 2018.

Annual Summer Farm Night BBQ – New York

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Everyone is welcome to the FREE annual Summer BBQ in New York city near time square that will be taking place May 10 – 15. We will be experimenting with different BBQ techniques this year due to changes in regulations from the New York authorities.

This is done every year to promote public transportation and to inform new people as to the benefits of public transportation.  For this BBQ we are going to be experimenting with the safer alternative to the fire BBQ, which is the BBQ griddle.

Everyone loves to cook food on a griddle some day or the other. One of biggest reasons why you would want to choose this because Griddle cooked food can be extremely delicious. Be it pancakes or burgers, you may have seen pictures of families standing with griddles and there are various videos available that features the griddle cooking outside in the lawns.

Are you interested in getting an outdoor griddle but don’t know how to take care of your griddle cooking top. Maintenance is the most important consideration when choosing a griddle.

Our Special BBQ Seasoning Process

The griddle top is made of rolled steel and the most you season it, much better would be your overall cooking experience. Seasons is like using oil to the griddle top and applying around it, wiping the excess part of it, heating and then allowing it to form a black coating for the cooking surface.

Seasoning is the process in which oil is applied on the metal which helps in protecting the resistance against sticking. There are layers of soy oil available on the Blackstone griddles from the factory that can be used to protect rusting during shipping and sometimes leave certain blemishes or discoloration on the top of the griddle. Blackstone griddles have this ability to protect itself from rust.

Usually when you use the Blackstone griddle top then for the first time you need to wash it with a grease cutting soap dish and rinse it afterwards. Before cooking you need to coat the top and bottom of the griddle and then you will be able to notice the brown and black color start to appear on the top of the griddle while adjusting the temperature.

This means that your griddle is discolored but this is the way to achieve the best seasoned grill that prevents your food from sticking to the steel surface. Perfect seasoning of your grill top and bottom also prevents any kind of rust from building up and you can easily prepare the most delicious food.

Choosing a Healthy Oil

There are certain specific oils that are perfect for seasoning. Flax seed oil is a good choice for seasoning initially as it helps in creating a highly durable bond. Flax oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and quite natural in hardening the food and keeping it safe from burning up.

All these essential points can be taken into consideration while choosing an oil for seasoning. It may be expensive to choose an oil especially for seasoning purpose and not for cooking but the importance of using the best oil is clearly visible when you start cooking your griddle and see the quality of food prepared with better seasoning. The more your season your griddle, the better would be your cooked food.

Any of the oils can be used for initial seasoning such as Flax oil, virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, coconut oil, crisbee puck, vegetable shortening etc.

Before We Begin 

Before you begin using the griddle, it is important to follow some of the basic instructions of seasonings. As a part of initial seasoning, one should coat the griddle and heat the oil above its smoke point. This process helps polymerize the oil and create a powerful bond with griddle top. Once you are done with this initial seasoning, you will get a black stick resistant surface. To make sure the process is completed effectively, it is advisable to follow steps mentioned below;

  1. Take about two to three table spoons of oil and apply it to surface of the griddle top. Make sure to spread around the oil using paper towel or a lint free cloth.
  2. Now, turn on medium-high heat of the griddle to heat up the oil.
  3. Continue heating until the oil reaches a smoking point and thereafter unless oil stops emit any form of smoking. Soon, your griddle stop shall begin to discolor. Make a note that this is a good thing to happen.
  4. Once the oil stops smoking after 25-30 minutes, it is appropriate to turn the griddle off and give it some time to cool down.
  5. The above-mentioned steps should be repeated, unless a dark surface is prepared on the griddle.

Completion of above steps indicates you are done with initial seasoning. Now store the griddle top by wiping it with cooking oil.

7 Day BBQ – How to do it with an Outdoor Griddle? 

To make sure griddle is kept clean after each use, it is highly recommendable to scrape it using metal spatula or scraper, and then clean it using paper towel or a normal cloth. If in case there is some food residue left on the griddle, it is best to pour water on hot surface and let it remove the food residue.

After every use, it is also suggested to coat your griddle with oil. One can simply apply thin layer of oil to the griddle, and this shall help maintain seasoning bond and prevent it from any form of rust. For forming a protection layer for your griddle, you can use any form of oil. Make a note that it is not going to be used for cooking, it is just for providing protection and seasoning to the equipment.

Usually non-stick cooking oil works best for seasoning purposes. Apart from oiling, storing your equipment in a cool and dry place is another most feasible thing to do. This shall give your outdoor griddle a long life, without requiring you to put much effort on maintenance.

How does a well-seasoned griddle look like?

Once you have been successful in seasoning your griddle appropriately, following things can be noted;

  1. It shall have a black surface.
  2. The surface is going to be natural and stick resistant.

Don’t forget the more you are going to use and cook using your griddle, its surface shall become more shinny and black. Well this is all about seasoning and taking care of outdoor griddle. For users who takes immense care of product, they would undoubtedly be able to enjoy using griddle for a long period of time and that too without incurring much maintenance cost related to it.

Please Contact us for more information on how you can volunteer or come with your friends and family.


The Reason American Public Transport is a Disaster

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I have some truly smart thoughts why open transportation sucks:

Travel organizations are more inspired by building foundation domains than in moving individuals;

Government officials are more inspired by building new foundation than keeping up the old;

The business has seen a 50-percent decrease in laborer efficiency since it was municipalized;

Travel organizers decline to acknowledge that urban areas never again have a similar activity and private focuses that they had a hundred years back.

The genuine reason opens transportation sucks is on the grounds that it is out of date. About 96 percent of working Americans has no less than one auto in their family units and around 30 percent of the individuals who don’t all things considered get the opportunity to work via auto. With the conceivable exemption of New York City, we needn’t bother with travel any longer and it’s the ultimate opportunity for the legislature to quit endeavoring to constrain it on us.

John Rennie Scott gives a lot of cases of not just the poor condition of repair of existing open transport frameworks, yet in addition occurrences of straight-up refusal to construct it in any case. For example, did you realize that Washington, D.C’s. Dulles air terminal, a universal center point utilized by both outside and local travelers, has no prepare association? “The Metro presently can’t seem to interface the city to the air terminal, 40 years after the framework opened,” composes Scott.

Governmental issues have assumed a major part in this split. Republicans have adjusted themselves to the apparent individual flexibility of the vehicle, says Scott, while open transport is viewed as a communist concern. Accordingly, right-inclining government officials vote against it, despite the fact that open transport is useful for the economy.

The US political framework is likewise one-sided against open travel

Legislative center

(Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images) Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

There are different idiosyncrasies of American governmental issues that have apparently driven us to underinvest in travel. Since it’s frequently observed as welfare, putting resources into mass travel has turned into a politically charged issue — with preservationists unwilling to spend on what they see as a social program for the urban poor.

This doesn’t generally occur in different nations, in any event not to a similar degree. While there’s some civil argument over travel spending in Canada and Europe, government officials on the privilege are significantly less antagonistic to the thought — it’s substantially more of a bipartisan reason, similar to, say, street working in the US. “It’s simply not as politically dubious to manufacture open travel somewhere else,” says Levy. “The left has a tendency to be more expert travel than the right, however they both eventually bolster it.”

In the interim, a couple of auxiliary components of American administration compound hostile to travel demeanors. For one, the government assumes a major part in driving transportation strategy. What’s more, because of the cosmetics of the Senate, government approach is frequently vigorously one-sided toward rustic interests, rather than urban needs.

That plays out in a wide range of ways: The after war mandate to destroy urban neighborhoods to assemble expressways originated from the Department of Commerce, not from singular urban areas, and has been done by the Department of Transportation. By differentiate, in Canada, there is no relating national office, and territorial bodies have more prominent say in transportation arranging.

Furthermore, as of late the metro framework in Washington, D.C., the country’s capital, has needed to plant shutdowns, perhaps for a considerable length of time, in view of frayed links.

Low thickness: US populace thickness is 1/tenth of India’s and very low contrasted with numerous spots in Western Europe or Japan. Open transportation requires a considerable measure of volume to work.

Urban sprawl: US urban areas are unnecessarily cumbersome. San Francisco Bay Area keeps running for 100km+ end to end, for example. Alongside point one, it makes it very infeasible to run productive transport or prepare courses.

Merciless Weather: Boston has a sensibly alright open transportation framework. Be that as it may, I have never utilized it in light of the chilly climate.

“American Dream”: Americans have this thought of “American dream” where every individual wants to have an expansive house with a major terrace and a major auto to drive. Socially, it is fairly harder for Americans to get tied up with open transportation frameworks. Along these lines, transport is held for poor people, physically tested, old and debilitated.

Is there any approach to enhance US open travel?

Los Angeles rail

Los Angeles’ Metro Expo light rail line. (Surrounding Images/UIG through Getty Images)

“In drawing in riders to travel, recurrence is the greatest thing, took after nearly by dependability,” says King. “In the event that you don’t have those, individuals won’t put stock in the framework.”

Different sorts of cost-nonpartisan changes incorporate directing transports in order to ease exchanges starting with one a player in the city then onto the next, instead of driving all riders to exchange downtown, and expanding transport benefit in more vigorously populated regions, while yielding the quantity of aggregate stops.

All things considered, after numerous years, there is some purpose behind idealism. US travel ridership has step by step been ticking upward, regardless of whether it’s no place close European or Canadian levels. What’s more, a few specialists are hopeful that travel offices are winding up all the more ready to analyze. In February, for example, the city of Houston executed various changes to its transport lines that had been proposed by Walker — making the framework less situated toward downtown and expanding the simplicity of exchanging to travel between various suburbs.

Rectification: This article beforehand expressed that the Department of Transportation laid out the courses for US urban roadways. They were outlined by the Department of Commerce, and actualized by the Department of Transportation after it turned into its own office.

10 Reasons To Make Use of Public Transportation Now!

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Open transportation, while several view it as not by any stretch of the imagination agreeable when contrasted with the utilization of an individual auto, it’s a standout amongst the most astounding approaches to movement and make the most of your voyage.

As much as private flights, taxicabs or autos give you more freedom, there are boundless reasons why the utilization of open transport pays off. Here no less than 20+ phenomenal reasons why you should utilize open transportation when you travel

  1. You’ll contribute towards facilitating blockage. The vast majority of the street activity clogs saw in our streets crosswise over different urban communities around the globe are altogether credited to the utilization of private vehicles and the idea of everybody needing to utilize their very own autos for protection and solace. In the meantime, we continue griping of roads turned parking lots.

In the event that we are not kidding about tending to the issue, at that point we ought to regularly select open transport.

A current research demonstrated that a full carriage transport in an open transport framework is identical to around 55 autos out and about with one tenant. In this way, in the event that we could all utilization open transport, we’ll most likely be decongesting increasingly the 50 autos out and about.

  1. You help in lessening the general ecological ozone harming substance emissions. Greenhouse gas contamination is ever on the ascent and that is the reason states, associations, and tree huggers advocate for emanation decrease procedures. By utilizing open transport, you’ll have the capacity to curtail ozone harming substance emanations by the greater part. Research has demonstrated that lone three to eight individuals on an open transport can slice outflows significantly contrasted with an individual driving in an individual auto independent from anyone else or herself.
  2. You’ll have heaps of time to individuals watch. Open transportation is utilized by individuals from various foundations with fluctuated societies, standards and methods for living. In the event that you decide on open transportation, it implies you’ll have the opportunity to individuals watch and even get the opportunity to take in the idea of various individuals.
  3. Meet new individuals. Open transportation is utilized by different individuals and once more, there is no requirement for over-underscoring on this point. The chances are that you’ll have the capacity to collaborate with heaps of individuals from various societies on the off chance that you utilize open transport instead of voyaging private.
  4. Open transportation enables you to unwind. With open transportation, you’ll have the capacity to have your own opportunity, sleep, evade the street seethe, and escape the weights of driving your own particular private auto. Amid the drive, you can likewise read or simply appreciate the view which will help in boosting your dopamine hormones and lessening your feelings of anxiety.

Moreover, utilizing open transport to movement encourages you loosen up. Toward the finish of your open transportation travel, you’ll unquestionably have minutes to review and think about a portion of the best minutes throughout your life.

  1. You’ll spare cash. Utilizing open transport can spare you up to four times the cash you utilize driving in your private or individual auto. The customary utilization of your own auto will require the expenses of upkeep and other extra charges, for example, stopping expenses, outflow tickets, and speeding fines. By utilizing open transport, you’ll have the capacity to spare all the cash coordinated to such incidental costs of utilizing an individual vehicle.
  2. Enhance your own wellbeing. The utilization of open transport will guarantee you need to walk all the more regularly between the stations and places you’ll be loading up the transports, planes or prepares. With such sort of an action, you are guaranteed of some additional physical action in your incessant travel schedules.

The result incorporates enhanced individual wellbeing regarding practicing your muscles, vital organs and notwithstanding lessening your feelings of anxiety.

Strolling specifically has been demonstrated to unwind the brain and enhance one’s psychological well-being. Therefore, strolling in the middle of your open transport schedules helps in enhancing your psychological wellness and physical prosperity.

  1. You’ll lessen the requirement for petroleum derivatives and the consumption of common resources. Train, Bus, ship and cable car go as pointed out by Trans Link impressively saves money on the reliance on non-renewable energy source holds and additionally supplies which keep on destroying indigenous habitats. It along these lines implies that the utilization of open transport saves money on no less than double the petroleum product vitality utilized as a part of individual autos. One full prepare spares petroleum product that would have been utilized by in excess of 600 autos out and about.
  2. You’ll unquestionably make new and intriguing companions. Open transport is utilized by thousands and assorted individuals over the general public instead of private travel which just means you are going independent from anyone else or your relatives. On the off chance that you utilize open transport, you have all the space to make companions and appreciate the ride by meeting intriguing new individuals.
  3. Faster travel. You may not trust this as evident but rather open transportation frameworks have devoted travel courses. This makes it snappier to achieve fly out goals when contrasted with voyaging alone in an individual auto. For example, a crosscountry prepare trip sets aside significantly more less opportunity to achieve the different characterized goals contrasted with the time it takes to achieve a similar goal in your very own auto.